Bitcoin mixer money laundering

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Bitcoin mixer money laundering

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Cryptocurrency tumbler — bitcoin mixer

What is a bitcoin mixer or bitcoin tumbler?

Bitcoin mixers or bitcoin tumblers have become a necessity, as many cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms require personal documents to prove identity. The use of these services has taken away the core feature that made blockchain technology so famous in the first place — privacy.

«Illicit addresses account for 24% of funds sent to mixers so far in 2021, up from 12% in 2022,» Chainalysis reports.

A bitcoin mixer or bitcoin tumbler is an external service that can obfuscate the data linking you to bitcoin transfers.
Bitcoin mixing is extremely beneficial for those who want to regain complete privacy of their transactions and funds because it makes count tracing impossible.

Cryptocurrency mixers are services that allow users to erase the digital money trail left by most transactions on blockchain networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum. These services make it harder to follow the trail that would be publicly and easily accessible on the blockchain.


bitcoin ethereum mixer


? Coinomize


Coinomize is a bitcoin mixer that offers a variety of features. It records no logs, and users note the fact that the platform fees are very low — which is also flexible. It only requires one confirmation to process the transaction.

The minimum amount of BTC to be sent is 0.03 BTC, and you can use up to 5 BTC addresses for more anonymity. It also supports online Tor access.

There is also an affiliate program where you can earn a 25% commission. The mixer also has an Android app with a modern design.
Coinomize benefits

The mixing platform supports Tor for an extra level of anonymity.
Just one confirmation is needed for transactions.
Does not store transaction logs and IP addresses.
It has an Android app for mixing Bitcoin on the move.
Attractive referral program


? Blindmixer


Blindmixer uses blind signatures to keep your transactions untraceable. It functions as both a mixer and a wallet. Fees vary from 100 satoshis to 441 satoshis.

The mixer uses in-house coin selection algorithms, which allow it to batch transactions at scale. It also supports lightning transactions. However, one drawback is that since it mixes blindly, there’s a chance that the sender can receive part of the funds back.

Blindmixer also allows free and instant transfers between users. The service is centralized but offers a good deal of advantages.
Blindmixer benefits

Supports SegWit natively
Blindmixer has a standalone wallet application for Windows and Linux platforms.
Low transaction fee with free internal transfers
Supports lightning network


? CryptoMixer


CryptoMixer is a bitcoin mixer for high-volume bitcoin transactions. It is built with input from the BitcoinTalk community. The system offers a Letter of Guarantee for every transaction and strives to offer untraceable and safe transactions.

CryptoMixer ensures that the user information will remain hidden to third parties and has a zero-log policy.

The mixer ensures a high degree of data protection by using advanced encryption methods and regularly all translation details. The mixer has a cryptocurrency reserve of over 2000 BTC, which allows users to use the service without having to wait for others to send in their coins.

CoinMixer has low service fees, starting at 0.5% + 0.0005 BTC. You can also customize it such that it is impossible for third parties to spot the connections between the addresses.
CryptoMixer benefits

Offers a Letter of Guarantee
It can handle high volumes of bitcoin.
Has a zero-log policy


? Anonymix


Anonymix is a bitcoin mixer that helps you keep your identity secure. You send bitcoin using their service, and they will send you the funds back to a new address, with no connection to your identity.

The bitcoin mixer offers the option to delay payments and to send your new coins to more than one bitcoin address.

Anonymix offers the option of “Quick mix,” which transfers coins after only one confirmation. You can add random delays for an extra security layer.

The bitcoin mixer can handle bitcoin mixes of up to 180 BTC. For each transaction, you can deposit the funds from multiple wallets and send them to up to five receiving addresses. They issue a certificate of origin and offer you the chance to delete the data log immediately.
Anonymix benefits

The service can handle large BTC transactions.
Offers a certificate of origin
Each user can choose to delete the data log immediately.


? Blender


Blender is a bitcoin blender that splits the funds received from each user into smaller parts and mixes them with funds from other clients. You receive untraceable coins into your new bitcoin address as smaller payments. Blender uses two blending algorithms and deletes all data regarding a transaction after 48 hours.

The service doesn’t require user registration, and the bitcoin mixing process takes up to six hours, and you can mix funds ranging from 0.003 and up to 50 BTC. Blender has a service fee of 4–5% per transaction and an additional 0.0007 BTC for each output address.
Blender benefits

TOR-friendly bitcoin mixer
Quick service. The bitcoin mixing can take only up to six hours.

This is the best mixer of ethers in 2022. You can now mix coins with a couple of clicks. You will find a mixer of ether in the site menu.

Ethereum crypto mixer


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